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Help us to keep everything online!
Ending our podcasts this Season, doesn't mean we should take our feeds and our archives offline! We must safe all the beautiful things we have! We know lots of people are just getting started listening to Spacemusic. That's so cool about podcasting, listeners come and go, all ages, all levels, at any moment in time! continue reading here...

Download Audio: Spacemusic 9.10 LOG [announcement]

LOG file for show 9.10 - August 8th 2014

This is the final LOG file for Season 9

Recording in the morning... welcome to Rotterdam, NL. In the middle of Summer, the display shows around 21C and it's rainy today. Please listen to a release by Hollan Holmes - truly very FRESH ambient music. And we have something important to share with all our listeners World Wide....
Show for August 8th 2014

a Nonstop Mix that might cause mixed emotions ... and therefore a typical Spacemusic podcast flow! When your brain goes na-na, when your hearts cries “stop the conflicts” and we all watch the news as the World becomes worse every day. Wondering what kind of species is taking down planes, shooting people, killing children, destroying the habitat and so forth? We hate to say it.... that species is called: human. And it seems they have a plan. Do they? Perhaps humanity has indeed been programmed to exterminate themselves. How long before a short circuit? Who can safe us from the evil? We all can! Please, press play and make love, not war!

Artists in this mix:
Evolve, Klangstein, Pete Namlook, Circular, I Awake, Bruno Sanfilippo, Strom Noir, Green Isac, The Circular Ruins/ Off the Sky, Bola,....

Download Audio: Spacemusic 9.10 Short Circuit

Spacemusic 9.10 Short Circuit

continue reading here...

The Home of Spacemusic…
… the Ambient & Electronica podcast from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Online since 2005: introducing the official Spacemusic hosted by *TC* episodes, noticed by thousands of electronic music lovers out there, who stated to have found their beacon in the genre, one of the first electronic music podcasts featured in the iTunes Store (since iTunes 4.9). Total amount of downloads passed the 2M mark in 2011, now in 2013 reaching 2.5M and still going strong!

You're now looking at the brand new site we created for you. Your podcasts, your shownotes, your background info. Here you can read through the tracklists, click links to buy the music as featured on the show. You can leave comments, sign our Guestbook and join the Facebook , so the whole world can see who is listening to Spacemusic!

The Spacemusic podcast ….

Welcome to Season 9
This Season we offer you Non-Stop®Mixes; electronic & ambient music the way it was meant to be… Extra information comes to you via the LOG files; you can download them automatically via the podcast feed.

  • Mixes come in .m4a (AAC) format (256Kbps) including chapter markers and conventient tags and info. This way you can easily skip back and forth through shows, play specific tracks in the mix, and immediately see the track title and artist name of what you hear.
  • The LOG files come in MP3 format (192Kbps) and function as a 'comment' file, TC discusses topics, background info, or just talks over coffee about the Weather or the News.

Please, head over to the podcast pages for all Seasons and RSS feeds.
For subscribing to Season 9 - CLICK HERE.

We hope our listeners will enjoy the Spacemusic podcast very much. You may always leave us feedback, as a matter of fact we urge you to do! Please let us know what you think. We read every message. We do our best to reply within acceptable limits.

… have a safe flight!

~ Spacemusic Team
November 2013

What an incredible start to the new season of Spacemusic. Absolutely fantastic mix of artists and atmospheres! Were you inspired by the movie of the same name?… Love the new website and links to the artists, too. Please, please continue with the Oliebollen Show... got my ingredients ready!
Steven Smith

© 2005-2014 - All Rights Reserved

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