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    Link will leave the planet in 2017....;-)

Hello folks! It has been awesome times here at Spacemusic. The site has been online for over 10 years. The podcast feeds ( we're counting a few now ... ) have done the outstanding job!!! Roughly we can say we've experienced over 3 Million downloads of the show over the past 10 years time.... wow!!!!

But ...
Since this project has come to the conclusion back in 2014 (when we did the final show in two parts) next steps are inevitable: we're sorry to tell you that - including all RSS feeds - will be taken offline in 2017. In other words: the final curtain falls in January next year.

Why ...?
One of the reasons is simply about the fact it all costs money to keep everything running and online. Since we've stopped the show, most of our supporting listeners have stopped their donations and monthly financial support. And we understand! (do we?)

Times have changed ...
The Ambient Zone is online. You'll see and hear new electronic music mixes there - embedded from our Mixcloud page. This is the new way of sending you the so much wanted ambient/electronic music vitamines! Like we said: times have changed. Modern society is about streaming media. And since 'downloading' seems to be left behind forever in the 'rights', 'permissions' and 'complicated' areas. The decision for going streamin' is about flexibility and production matters.

So ...!
Please do follow the new electronic music adventures via and ENJOY :-)

THANK YOU for your support since 2005.
- Spacemusic Team
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Take the next step...

~ The Ambient Zone is fresh and new! It's the next project by // TC // on a musical journey through time and space, exploring the magic that is called: Ambient Music. Visit for your daily dose ~
Show for October 25th 2014

This is part 2 of the Final Show that is called Spacemusic... wonderful music to conclude 10 years of the best Electronica Podcast. The best way to say goodbye, is by publishing today’s mix. Thank you all for your feedback and support over the years!

Artists on this show: Erik Bridenbaker, Vangelis, Mike Beever, Off the Sky, Biosphere, Higher Intelligence Agency, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Samuel Edsall, Der Waldläufer, James Bernard, Halcyon Hall, Monoide.

Download Audio: Spacemusic 9.12 Final Show (part 2) THE END

Spacemusic 9.12 Final Show (part 2) THE END

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Show for September 25th 2014

Here we are... the project that started back in 2005; based on RSS technology, a radio station featuring the real Passion for electronic music. Music even combined with LIVE audio recordings; soundseeingtours, cooking in the kitchen, thunderstorms, interviews, specials, World Premières, Jukebox tracks and much more. Over 2.5 million downloads and counting...

This episode TC plays tracks that will certainly bring back some memories, mixed back-to-back for your listening pleasure. We’d like to thank our listeners for their support over the years! The end of the Spacemusic podcast, the beginning of something new... Tune in!

Artists on this show:
Vargo, Bad Loop, ENV(itre), Graham Smith, Alexel, Arctubulae, The Circular Ruins, Helpling & Jenkins, Fragile State, Selffish, Xerxes, Conjure One, Mike Beever, Stray Theories, TM Solver, Mosaik.

Download Audio: Spacemusic 9.11 Final Show (part 1)

Spacemusic 9.11 Final Show (part 1)

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The Home of Spacemusic…
… the Ambient & Electronica podcast from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Online since 2005: introducing the official Spacemusic hosted by *TC* episodes, noticed by thousands of electronic music lovers out there, who stated to have found their beacon in the genre, one of the first electronic music podcasts featured in the iTunes Store (since iTunes 4.9). Total amount of downloads passed the 2M mark in 2011, now in 2014 reaching over 3M downloads and still going strong!

Season 9 is the final Season for this project.... do not be alarmed, all good thing come to and end. Spacemusic has come to it's final destiny: a DECADE full of electronic and ambient musicf or your pleasure - all of it in Spacemusic style.

We've done the outstanding, we've experienced a dream. (was it Lucid?) We would like to thank all of our listeners as our supporters, the musicians as our daily coffee, the understanding and cooperative labels to set the tone, our families and friends for watching and taking care; without you people this show would not have been possible!


~ Spacemusic Team
I've been a longtime listener of your excellent podcast dating all the way back to 2006. Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a decade. Congratulations on your amazing run and bringing the best in ambient electronic music to the masses. Your passion for the genre has introduced me to a wide variety of great artists and beautiful soundscapes and I sincerely want to say: thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Joss Grossberg october 2014

© 2005-2014 - All Rights Reserved

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Your music on our show? Sorry..... Spacemusic Podcasts have been around for 10 years. The show is over. But... you can head over to Ambient.Zone for your Ambient productions.

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