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Ending our podcasts this Season, doesn't mean we should take our feeds and our archives offline! We must safe all the beautiful things we have! We know lots of people are just getting started listening to Spacemusic. We offer a decade full of ambient and electronic entertainment.... That's so cool about podcasting, listeners come and go, all ages, all levels, at any moment in time!

Now, in order to keep everything online and available to the public, needless to say.... we need our sponsors! We need our supporters that choose for an automatic payment each month via Paypal or a donation every now and then. Some donate a few bucks, others might choose for a long term Spacemusic Commitment: in fact you can choose to become an Executive Producer of the show!

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Spacemusic Podcasts annual calculations;

* domain + hosting plan = $99
[unlimited bandwidth plan incl. hosting of older shows]

* Podcast storage & distribution via Libsyn server = $192
[400MB plan incl. Spacemusic App]

* Yearly software updates and maintenance = ~ $120
[site, RSS feeds management, backup software]

* Yearly hardware maintenance & service = ~ $180
[server/system admin (man)hours, hardware maintenance]

* Total Annual Cost: ~ $590

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Please contact us if you'd like to help and keep our station ONLINE. Or just pick a subscription level and we'll get an e-mail right away. It all starts at a monthly $3 level so why wait? We'd love to keep our feeds high in the air, the site running smoothly and the Spacemusic App in the store. It would be really sad if we'd have to cancel our plans as mentioned above. Because that would really mean the END of Spacemusic....

NB: Since our last show 9.10 LOG we've noticed that automatic payments were cancelled immediately..... we're not even finished yet! There's more shows coming in Season 9! Of course people are free to do what they want and we'd like to say: "Thank You for your support! "

- Spacemusic Team
August 2014