Spotted Peccary Music is North America’s finest independent record label with a focus on deep, vast and introspective soundscapes.  Since the mid-1980's, Spotted Peccary Music (SPM) has been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra high quality, deep listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. 

From deep drone, to chillout, to high energy beats, Spotted Peccary and it's label imprints, Lotuspike & O3E, traverse the worlds of Ambient Electronic, Classic Berlin-School, Etherial Atmospheric, Spacemusic, Rock, Pure Acoustic and more; all with only one goal in mind — releasing outstanding music that transcends any boundaries previously imposed by these genres.

Rather than concerning itself with putting out as many releases as possible each year, SPM has always had a deeper focus on quality and artistry first and foremost, limiting it's output and only releasing the very best projects from artists who are dedicated to their craft, and to the intangible details necessary for a standout release….


" Dedicated to releasing the finest instrumental, ambient, electronic, atmospheric, organic, ethereal deep sound experiences "
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With a wide-ranging lineup of notable artists including Michael Stearns, David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Erik Wøllo, Darshan Ambient, Craig Padilla, Deborah Martin, Between Interval, Johan Agebjörn, DeeperNET, and many more, the Spotted Peccary label has discovered and produced some of the finest instrumental releases of the past 25 years, setting standards and pushing boundaries in the process.  

SPM remains dedicated to delivering superior sound quality, artistic excellence, and an appealing presentation that come together time and time again.  Year after year Spotted Peccary releases consistently land on critic's, editor's, broadcaster's and listener's "best of" lists, confirming SPM's reputation as one of the most respected independent record labels of its kind.
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The dramatic final chapter of the award-winning three-album collaboration from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, FOUND follows the path set by the duo’s previous genre-defying releases, TREASURE and THE CROSSING, blending cinematic electronics with rock power and spacemusic sensibilities to deliver a tremendously moving and meaningful resolution to the Helpling/Jenkins trilogy.

Melodic and deep, powerful and atmospheric, FOUND is an epic work that plays like a big movie. Highlighted by thundering drums and percussion, shimmering electric guitars, intimate pianos and lush synth textures, the album leads the listener through sweeping sonic vistas and deep intimate soundworlds where intricate and compelling rhythms drive the music to majestic heights, and then recede into soundscapes both serene and poignant. The entire journey culminates in the emotionally charged title track, featuring a beautiful wordless vocal by virtuoso Miriam Stockley.

While FOUND may be the third episode of a trilogy, this carefully crafted new release is not merely a rehashing of the two earlier works. Helpling & Jenkins pushed themselves to take their distinct sound to a new level where the deep, three-dimensional quality to the recording is instantly recognizable. From the irresistible opening through the bold conclusion, FOUND completes a three-album six-year chapter of the Helpling/Jenkins collaboration on a grand scale, with deep emotion and unmistakeable style. Filled with powerful rushes of adrenaline, beauty, loss and triumph, FOUND is an album for the ages, that discovers uncharted territory in the expanding world of electronic music.

released 12 November 2013.