SynGate Records is a label for Electronic Music with a focus on Berlin School and melodic ambient styles. It´s sublabel "syngate luna" is a department for substantial ambient and experimental works. SynGate Records releases Electronic Music mainly in the spirit of Berlin School style. As well many ambient influence is to be found in the music of SynGate artists. To give nerds of hardcore ambient and experimental works a space, the sublabel "syngate luna" was found in 2012. We produce high quality CD-R (only branded disks with industrial standard) on demand with superb printed covers.
Releases to explore…
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Michael Brückner - Thirteen Rites of Passage -

"Thirteen Rites of Passage" is a journey through the year 2013 as Michael Brueckner performed live either solo or with other musicians at different events and gigs. The album offers new but familiar sounds for Michael Brueckner hardcore fans and (besides some airplayed tracks) mainly unpublished material. Visitors of the gigs in 2013 may find a nice souvenir, for all others this album simply is a new release by Michael Brueckner containing tracks, that have not been released anywhere before. Go to the album player here.
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Fratoroler - Chez Ricco -

With the new album from Thomas Köhler and Frank Rothe you get, what you can expect - and a little more. They wanted to "Look forward" and they did. One track with a more complex arrangement, a track in Berlin school style at his best, some sounds maybe coming thru a prisma and an energetic final, this is how the artists see their own album. Me as the publisher can highly recommend this creation as a laid back journey for more than an hour through epic soundscapes and chilling sequences. Go the the album player here.
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Bouvetoya - Subtractivate -

Old skool electronica where influences begin with the letters TD, KS, FSOL, BoC and JMJ!

The 3 Bouvetøya Principles:

Bouvetøya is a studio based electronica entity based in Ireland. "There are no boundaries, only creative limitations". The SynGate Debut album moves between ambient and Berlin School, it creates wide landscapes and triggers fantastic impressions. Go to the album player here.
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Traumklang - Strange Worlds -

WIth the new 2013 album "Strange Worlds" Carola Zauchner invites to a musical spacejourney to visit strange worlds, comets, planets and stars. Traumklang uses the following instruments:

  • Roland D10 multitimbral Synthesizer
  • Yamaha SS30 String-Synthesizer
  • Casio sample Player
  • Farfisa compact duo-organ
  • Casio mini-Synthesizer
  • Yamaha PSS Keyboard
  • Yamaha DD50 drums
  • Roland Juno60 Synthesizer
  • Roland Jupiter4 Synthesizer
  • historic Magnus organ

Carola Zauchner always was interested in  astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. So she tried to give those phenonemons a musical shape, although this is not possible in reality, as all events in space are without any noise. You will never hear a supernova acoustically, but only receive its waves via radiotelescope and transform this into audiosignals. Voyager spacecraft recorded such spacewaves and broadcasted them back to earth. You find such material released in most fascinating CDs from NASA. The original electronic music is created in space! And Traumklang tries to interpret such signals in own sounds. Go to the album player here.
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REALTIME - Solar Walk -

The new album by REALTIME, get ready for a highly dynamic work that may give old fashioned Berlin School a new definition! The fascination of outer space with its infinitive depth and unsolved questions, that mankind faced since ages inspired us as well for our new album „Solar Walk“. We want to let our audience share the soundtrip across the universe, heading for far away planets, galaxies and not yet experienced worlds (of sound) Sit back, relax, let go, enjoy floating synth-carpets, mystic choirs, or groove with us along the basslines, pulsing sequences and percussive elements.

REALTIME-thats "Music From Outer Space"
"An absolute fantastic album! Great music guys!"
"The new album is the best REALTIME-album!"
- Mario Schönwälder, Manikin Records.

Go to the album player here.
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"Shades" by BatteryDead

... just start your engines! First time I listened to the album, the superb audio quality draw my attention, just like good albums always do ;-) BatteryDead releases a magnificent journey for every electronic music lover out there. No, this is not your favorite dinner music. But for the rest of the day… you can listen to it all the time!

"Sepia" opens with a nice lazy and interesting groove & patterns, one of my fav sounds is definately the bling pattern which you can hear almost solo at the end of the track in the right speaker…. up for "Universatiles" ? This 2nd track invites you to raise the volume for sure. Beats, chords, great atmospherics. This one will be sticky I guarantee. The break in the middle, the conclusion… perfect for dreaming away and watching the landscape pass by while on that train; some of you could use this track for voiceover purposes as it has THE flow you need in such situations.

Track number 3… "Stratosphere" : well if I must say something in the negative, this could be it. The melody, the lead synth is way over the top. Sorry, this is one out of five stars! Just skip to "Halflight" and you'll be in electronic music heaven again! Wonderful sounds, wide pro master mix, close your eyes and there we go…. don't you just love the bubbles and the filtered lead synth? See? This is peace again and so much more is coming up….

Here's couple of my favorites to keep this story to the point:

"Autumn Days" is by far THE best one on this album for me, love the sticky melody sequence, combination of 80's Tangerine Dream scapes and modern atmopsherics which will take you on a groovy tour. Excellent waste of time! "Liquid Light" is pure and fantastic track building, exploring, exciting track, great innovative use (again) of well known sounds that never fail. The sequencial part = very OK.

The BEST track for me on the album "Shades" is definately the song "Mitternacht". It's Promusic Hagen ft. BatterDead. It's beyond words. It grabs you… (me) and lifts you (me) up! The break in the middle…. the (almost) silent moment… AMAZING…. One little thing: the compression levels should not be at these levels Mr. BatteryDead! But for most of us this will not be of great importance. Heyheyhey… play it loud!!!


"Shades" is a MUSTHAVE.
Go and visit the album page here.