Spacemusic 7.5 Breaking & Entering


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In the middle of winter... time for warm and relaxing tunes!

At this point in time we wonder: where did it go...? Talking about January. Time flies so incredibly fast, do not blink or you will miss something important. Hmm. What about the real important things in life? Are they under influence of the timeline as well or do they always go with us no matter what? Theory: sometimes the “breaking” makes room for “entering” a new land of opportunities.

Letting go, moving on. The good things in life will follow. The past is the past, the present is a gift, the future none can tell. And to score all this we play music during this episode by Steen Thottrup / Denver Knoessen, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Steve Ballard, Erik Seifert, Projective Module and Paul Avgerinos. Flying, floating, some grooves, some chat, some tips, some links and thanks.

Big thanks to our executive- and co-producers for this episode: Greg, Andrew, Stephen, William, Catherine, Martin. We appreciate your donations!

Local weather (Rotterdam, NL)
temp -4.5C
humidity 59%
blue sky, full sunshine, cold wind!!!
forecast: snow later this week....?

Studio (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 21.4C
humidity 26% (oops...)
voice/throat is making progress each day (lots of water)
back to the keys soon... music production time!

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