Spacemusic 7.9 SYNC24 Interview


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SYNC24 is Daniel Segerstad from Göteborg, South-West Sweden. As a musician he knows how to trigger the electronica hearts of many listeners out there... His second solo album called ‘Comfortable Void’ is an experience that might touch you like it did touch the Spacemusic Team as well... 10 tracks that go seamlessly back to back. Like Daniel says: “ somehow music sounds better in the key A “. Driven by his passion for good music Daniel also plays the Roland TB-303, the magical piece of machinery built in the 80‘s is still in good shape! Please listen closely...

Comfortable Void is an experience. It’s ambient. It’s dance. It’s many good things coming together like in a good movie. Today we’re so very happy to present the interview we had with SYNC24, after dinner, in a very relaxing setting. Tune in and Sync this episode to all devices you own. Play it loud, as loud as you can!

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