Spacemusic 7.8 Free Fall


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Life after scans.... it’s a new show called “Free Fall”!

From a foggy Rotterdam after a fantastic sunny Queen’s Day.... welcome to a new Spacemusic podcast, which brings you electronica and beats for body, mind and soul.

Miraculous playlist in fact: shiny new releases and stuff from the old shoebox, ambient music and serious uptempo beats thanks to a bit of VirtualDJ experimenting!

Big Thanks to our (co)executive producers for this show:
Al Jewer, Stephan Harris, Alexander Egorushkin, Gerry Paquette, Jason Bunston, Ronald Cosseboom, Matthias Kalt, Mark Rycraft, Ray Bair.

Local weather (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 11C
humidity 95%
foggy morning!
forecast: clouds+sunshine, dry today, 10C upcoming weekend, more rain.
Studio (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 20.3C
humidity 50%
dust on the desk... oops!

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