Spacemusic 7.2 Sound of Silence


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December brings you the second Spacemusic podcast in Season 7. After the first heavy storm this Fall it’s now time for relaxation and fabulous tracks. Hot tea and honey standing right beside us during the recording; already 900 grams of honey in hardly 3 weeks time...! We have become friends for sure. So another sweet show including even sweeter tracks. Featuring Stellar, Deep Imagination, Helios, Erik Seifert, Anyma to name a few artists. Sharing your thoughts after hearing this show? Leave your comment in the brand new guestbook or send us a cool picture for the facebook, there’s plenty of room for everybody. Enjoy the show!

Local weather (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 7.7C
humidity 60%
wind/storm (9 Beaufort yesterday)
clouds, rain, sunshine (wisselvallig)


MARC MITCHELL/STELLAR - Ut Queant Laxis (2011)

ERIK WØLLO - Silent Currents (Disc 2) part 1,2,3,4 (2002/2007/2011)
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DEEP IMAGINATION - Awareness part4: tradition (2010)
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HELIOS - Velius (2008)
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SPACETIME CONTINUUM - Floatilla (1994)
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PATRICK O’HEARN - Sea (2011)
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ERIK SEIFERT - Re-entry (2010)
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ANYMA - I am (2004)
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