Spacemusic 7.3 Winter Wonderland


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Honey.... it’s Christmas! Yes baby, look at the tree here! And where’s that beautiful music coming from do you think...?

Sounds our friends.... come from the new Spacemusic 7.3 podcast and it is released for you as the official Spacemusic Christmas 2011 edition. A wonderful non-stopper! Don’t discuss, just listen.

Music by Aspectee, Samuel Edsall, Cliff Martinez, Navarro, David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Bruno Sanfilippo, much more .... We’d like to thank Spotted Peccary Music (they are now within the NEWS SECTION OF THIS SITE!), Blackdrone Music and Bruno Sanfilippo for sending the exclusive (only 200 pieces limited factory-pressed release) new “BIOMA” release, a perfect ambient production together with Max Corbacho.

Turn off the lights, light the candles and dream of Beauty and the Tree. Winking

*** Merry Christmas 2011 ***

Local weather (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 7.4C
humidity 79%
hardly any wind (after bad weather last night)
sunshine in the morning, more clouds in the afternoon.


ASPECTEE - poudure (2011)
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ASPECTEE - illicit (2011)
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SAMUEL EDSALL - high drift (2005) (TIP!)
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CLIFF MARTINEZ - we don’t have to think like that anymore... (2002)
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Radio Free Clear Light - whispering (2011)
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Navarro - j’ai reve d’un ange (2005)
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DAVID HELPLING & JON JENKINS - the knowing (2007)
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BRUNO SANFILIPPO - spirit allies (2011)
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BRUNO SANFILIPPO - alchemical powers (2011)
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AL JEWER+ANDY MITRAN - trancendental (2010)
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ASPECTEE - roterwald (2010)
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CLIFF MARTINEZ - maybe you’re my puppet (2002)
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JUSTIN VANDERBERG - drops (2011)
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