Spacemusic 7.4 Retrospective


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And then it’s 2012.... feels weird but exciting isn’t it?

Just removed the Christmas tree (back in the box in the basement) which makes the studio look very clean and fresh again! Now we’re ready for a brand new year... How ‘bout you? Are you ready?

Perfect moment in time to look back at interesting music releases from previous shows and play some fresh new tracks as well. Music by Marc Mitchell/Stellar, Richard Bonnee, Samantha James, Mosaik, Guru Josh Project, Trillian Miles, Erik Seifert, Marga Sol, Merge of Equals, The Ambient Society....

Special attention goes out to Planet Boelex; his music got us inspired years ago like we inspired him to produce his music. This show features 3 tracks by PB and it will be the last time...

Oh... and don’t forget to watch the Rotterdam New Year’s Eve fireworks, we captured it and uploaded the clip to YouTube. You can find it here. Enjoy!

Happy New Year 2012!

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RICHARD BONNEE - ma vie (short electronic deep mix) (2011)
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STELLAR - o’shem (2011)
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SAMANTHA JAMES - amber sky (2010)
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MOSAIK - leandi (2009)
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GURU JOSH PROJECT - infinity (Steen Thottrup Chill Mix) (2009)
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TRILLIAN MILES - the mobius strip (2011)
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ERIK SEIFERT - rhytmik (KLANGKRAFT mix) (2010)
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CONJURE ONE - I dream in color (Dub Chill RMX) (2010)
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MARGA SOL - dali sonuvam (summer version) (2011)
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MERGE OF EQUALS - heart and mind (sunsphere mix) (2011)
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THE AMBIENT SOCIETY - equanimity (2007)
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SAYCET - bruyère (2010)
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SAYCET - her movie (2010)
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FIREWORKS/ ABOVE AND BEYOND - sun in your eyes (TIP!) (2011)
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ANDREAS STEINHOLTZ - antikythera mechanism (2011)
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HOUSE MUSIC MOVIE - Fundraising Campaign, please help!
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MISHA REINING - hippie on acid (2010)
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PLANET BOELEX - are you there? ft. LISA’S ANTENNA (2008)
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PLANET BOELEX - soft shapes (2010)
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PLANET BOELEX - swamp gas pt 2 (2004)
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