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Totally relaxing episode of the Spacemusic podcast, show 7.6 = no nerve breaking beats or something like that... At the beginning of March, enjoying the new tea box filled with flavors for every week of the day. Collecting flavors as a mtter of fact so if you’d like to provide us with exclusive tea species.... please feel free dropping us a few bags! The more healing power the better.

This show we play music by Fragile State, Solar Fields, David Leckenby, Arctubulae, Etokle, Paul Avgerinos, Underworld/Gabriel Yared and Bruno Sanfilippo.

Big thanks to our executive- and co-exec producers for this episode, thanks to your donations we can do what we do....Denis L., Stephan H., Matthias K, David G., Radio Carbon Art, Steven S., Jeffrey S., Joe T., Bert C.

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Welcome to podcast 7.6 Close Encounter

UFO coming in...

FRAGILE STATE - undercurrent (2008)
buy on iTunes here

SOLAR FIELDS - phase 6: dialogue with a river (2011)
buy on iTunes here
more info about Solar Fields here

SOLAR FIELDS - phase 8: night traffic city (2011)
buy on iTunes here

DAVID LECKENBY - drifting consciousness (2011)
more info about David Leckenby here

ARCTUBULAE - self definition (2012) (Spacemusic TIP!)
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BIG THANKS for the donations!

MEDICAL LOG - the journey through the body...

ETOKLE - het mechanische gebied van de slaap (2011)
buy on iTunes here

PAUL AVGERINOS - oceans of bliss (2009)
buy on iTunes here

UNDERWORLD & GABRIEL YARED - mending things (2006)
buy it from here

BRUNO SANFILIPPO - aquarelle sur bois (2012) (Spacemusic TIP!)
more info about Bruno Sanfilippo here
watch the Vimeo video here


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