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Spring’s here...

Like a story from a book: the official Spring started march 21st, since that day we’ve been enjoying beautiful weather with lots of sunshine and blue skies. Time for a new show... welcome to Spacemusic 7.7 “Utopia”.

The opening is a piece we edited based upon an interview seen on Al Jazeera: Talk to Al Jazeera with Vangelis: a message of hope. We suggest to go and see the entire interview for yourself by visiting YouTube for instance. More interesting links about the Vangelis LIVE performance down below in the shownotes.

Big Thanks to our (co)executive producers:
Justin T., Douglas R., Noah K., Ronald C., Matthias K.

Comment? Feel free to call the Spacemusic Voicemail 24/7 - it’s active till first week of April. Tell us news, events, stories, fav shows, fav artists, or just say hi! The number is + (exit) 31 10 340.0.430

Local weather (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 16C
humidity 72%
sunshine and blue skies
forecast: more clouds, lower temperatures
Studio (Rotterdam, NL)
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humidity 39%


Welcome to podcast 7.7 Utopia

A Message of Hope - Vangelis
watch the YouTube video here
visit the Al Jazeera site here
Images/Equipment: Vangelis LIVE concert Doha, Qatar 2011 (production)
Images: Vangelis au Qatar (production)

SPACEMUSIC VOICEMAIL: Noah from California, USA.

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