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Life after scans.... it’s a new show called “Free Fall”!

From a foggy Rotterdam after a fantastic sunny Queen’s Day.... welcome to a new Spacemusic podcast, which brings you electronica and beats for body, mind and soul.

Miraculous playlist in fact: shiny new releases and stuff from the old shoebox, ambient music and serious uptempo beats thanks to a bit of VirtualDJ experimenting!

Big Thanks to our (co)executive producers for this show:
Al Jewer, Stephan Harris, Alexander Egorushkin, Gerry Paquette, Jason Bunston, Ronald Cosseboom, Matthias Kalt, Mark Rycraft, Ray Bair.

Local weather (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 11C
humidity 95%
foggy morning!
forecast: clouds+sunshine, dry today, 10C upcoming weekend, more rain.
Studio (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 20.3C
humidity 50%
dust on the desk... oops!


Welcome to podcast 7.8 Free Fall

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SYNGATE Records for fantastic atmospheric albums!

TM SOLVER - Line on glass tr.2 “Tunnel”
Buy from the SynGate shop here

SOLAR FIELDS - cobalt 2.5 (2012)
buy via here
visit the Solar Fields site here

VIBRASPHERE - time shifter (2003)
buy on iTunes here
visit the Vibrasphere site here...

SOLAR FIELDS - in motion (2012)
buy via here
visit the Solar Fields site here

STEINHOLTZ - aid to memory (2012)
visit the Steinholtz Soundcloud here

Spacemusic 2nd part of the show.... COOL OUT AREA Happy

My imagination at the age of 12... VISITORS album by Jasper van ‘t Hof!

[37:47] JASPER VAN ‘T HOF - carola (1982) BACK IN TIME!
More info about the VISITORS album @ Discogs here

MIKTEK - flying dots (2012)
buy it on iTunes here
visit the ultimae website for more details here

JAVIER DRADA - 1998 (1999)
visit CMYK Records for more info here

XERXES ft. PHOENIX - goodbye (2012) (SPACEMUSIC TIP!)
buy this 6 track amazing album here!

[01:03:58] .... “ is there anybody out there? “

ELEON - once there was a place like this (2012)


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