Spacemusic 9.6 Have Landed (Extended)


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Show for April 18th 2014 - How ‘bout an Easter Mix? Well, here it is! The date of Easter varies from 22 March to 25 April in Gregorian calender based parts of our planet, 4 April to 8 May in Julian Calender civilizations. Show 9.6 contains nothing but the best Outer Space tracks, file this one under “Passion of Spacemusic”. All eggs blended together in a continuous (Extended) Mix for you to chill and enjoy, you won’t believe your ears.... Happy Easter!

Artists in this mix:
Rudy Adrian, Jens Buchert, Murya, Miktek, Erik Seifert, Nimanty, Solarsoul, Green Isac, Csillagkod, Connect.Ohm and Craig Padilla.

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Spacemusic 9.6 Have Landed (Extended)

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