Spacemusic 9.7 Aurora

Show for May 29th 2014

Look into the sky... Ascension Day brings you “Aurora”, the new Spacemusic Podcast! In this wonderful non-stop mix TC takes you by the hand and shows you the most beautiful skies you can imagine.... very discrete auroras that can be seen from here. Please feel free to rewind and enjoy this experience multiple times. Enjoy your flight!

Artists in this mix:
Robert Scott Thompson, Axess, Fanger & Schönwälder, DeeperNET, Broekhuis & Schönwälder, Astropilot, Rudolf Heimann, Jens Buchert, Helios, TM Solver.

Download Audio: Spacemusic 9.7 Aurora

Spacemusic 9.7 Aurora

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