Spacemusic 9.11 Final Show (part 1)

Show for September 25th 2014

Here we are... the project that started back in 2005; based on RSS technology, a radio station featuring the real Passion for electronic music. Music even combined with LIVE audio recordings; soundseeingtours, cooking in the kitchen, thunderstorms, interviews, specials, World Premières, Jukebox tracks and much more. Over 2.5 million downloads and counting...

This episode TC plays tracks that will certainly bring back some memories, mixed back-to-back for your listening pleasure. We’d like to thank our listeners for their support over the years! The end of the Spacemusic podcast, the beginning of something new... Tune in!

Artists on this show:
Vargo, Bad Loop, ENV(itre), Graham Smith, Alexel, Arctubulae, The Circular Ruins, Helpling & Jenkins, Fragile State, Selffish, Xerxes, Conjure One, Mike Beever, Stray Theories, TM Solver, Mosaik.

Download Audio: Spacemusic 9.11 Final Show (part 1)

Spacemusic 9.11 Final Show (part 1)

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