Spacemusic 9.10 LOG [Annoucement]


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LOG file for show 9.10 - August 8th 2014

This is the final LOG file for Season 9

Recording in the morning... welcome to Rotterdam, NL. In the middle of Summer, the display shows around 21C and it's rainy today. Please listen to a release by Hollan Holmes - truly very FRESH ambient music. And we have something important to share with all our listeners World Wide....

Spacemusic 9.8 LOG [ guest: CIRCULAR ]


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LOG file for show 9.8 - July 7th 2014


Welcome to the ambient world of Circular. We celebrate their 6th album release, the third full album release on Ultimae Records. This time... they drive us deeper and further into sound.... as featured on show 9.8 (NonStop Mix)... with “Moon Pool” CIRCULAR has really touched our ambient hearts => 5-out-of-5 star rating by ! This release is certainly one of the best ambient music experiences for 2014.


Spacemusic 9.3 LOG [PART B]


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LOG PART B. for February 27th 2014

Ultimae Winners... people with stories about Ultimae music: here's the results of last month Special Ultimae Contest. We dive into the INBOX and mention a few of the lucky winners!

We'll contact all winners (20 persons) via e-mail and make sure they will receive a physical album or a digital download code. If you have sent us an e-mail to join the contest and you don't hear anything from us, then you must try again the next time… Sorry!

All music during this LOG file is released on Ultimae Records. Please visit their Bandcamp site to listen to ALL their releases and buy your favorites in Top-Quality audio format!