Spacemusic 9.2 Under Hypnosis


Download Audio: M4A,

Show for New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ready for 74 Minutes of pure and intense electronic/ambient music? For you to chill... complete under hypnosis, what a great way of celebrating the first 2014 moments; deep and powerful music on the speakers, perfect while lying down and just be... feel ... accept ... and explore. Artists: Javier Drada, Carbonates on Mars, Pete Namlook, Lorenzo Montanà, Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms, Circular, Der Waldläufer, Astropilot, Planet Boelex, Realtime, T.S.R. and Erik Wollo.

Note 1: also download the 9.2 LOG file ... have a few Oliebollen... Cheers!
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Spacemusic 9.2 Under Hypnosis

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