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Spacemusic Season 1 -  In the beginning -

The Spacemusic Podcast - it all started with this topic in the ‘MACFAN’ , somewhere at the beginning of 2005 about podcasting + an interview with Adam Curry. For us the first encounter with podcasting… The fact everybody was able to start a channel with audio and video content was something we had to read twice! Really? Wowww… We searched for a way to record a show;  something we used to do since the age of 9… always behind the decks sort of speak. This time more serious because there was a world wide audience waiting! The first couple of shows recorded with Cubase Audio - mixing ambient and electronic music - some very 'steenkool' English came out of the mouth but… the result was nice!

February 2005: Spacemusic was officially launched via it’s own podcast channel. Libsyn offering an easy way to publish content via the feed and a great online interface to manage all content. These guys still rock! ‘Podcasting made easy’. You bet! Sonology concerts, soundseeing in the snow in Rotterdam, cooking in the kitchen, LIVE soundseeing from Cyprus, Sate Chicken Fly Away… and more.

Ambient music was still alive! We started to promote (electronic) musicians by playing and mixing their tracks like cooking Italian dinner.... :-) Fantastic feedback. Artists were selling more albums all of usdden, got the well deserved attention from the public. Some of the musicians got excited again after years of silence…they started to compose new tracks! Spacemusic featured James Bernard, Off the Sky, The Circular Ruins, Sonarfreq, Elipsis1 and many more.

The amount of listeners started @ 50 downloads a show, after the release of iTunes 4.9 (built-in podcast feature) this became around 4,000 per show and later… till more than 10,000 downloads per episode. After two years we passed 1,2 million downloads and this was only the beginning…

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RSS feed for Season 1 (copy/paste into your aggregator)
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iTunes ONE-CLICK subscription for Season 1
" Frozen in deep space for a while and now I feel the warmth beginning to circulate in my ears resulting in the most natural state of joy and connectivity with the universe. It's like I never left. Still pod safe and sound in spaceship 'Mind'. Good. But wait! Could this be the parallel universe 180 degrees from the other? Ha! Yes, indeed! Great! " - Zark the magnificent, San Francisco, Earth.
" I have been listening to your broadcasting since the very first episodes of SpaceMusic. I feel I need to apologies for never giving you feedback until now while I've been enjoying the most excellent sounds you have been sharing with us. It is a lot of work and obviously takes massive skill to produce such incredible broadcasts! So, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you, for sticking to it and sharing your spirit. I have found new artists to enjoy thanks to your broadcasts, like James Bernard. I look forward to enjoying calmness during work, and being a computer technician I need that. Also, being an artist I find your sounds inspiring in the studio. Did I say thank you?.... Ok, I'll stop... much appreciated. Namaste! "- Jesse from Phoenix, AZ, Earth.