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Season 9 - At the end of the Horizon, something New is waiting -

It's december 9th 2013…. Spacemusic Season 9 has started! Brand new episodes filled with high quality ambient and electronic music…. for you to chillout, relax and enjoy! This time the launch of a new Season goes together with an entire new website. What a pleasant surprise!

Of course we offer you links in the shownotes so you can read through the tracklists and decide to buy the track/album. If you subscribe to the podcast via the links below, you will automatically receive new shows as soon as they're available. Very easy, handy and fast!

If something is not clear to you please send an e-mail here. --ENJOY!!!

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RSS feed for Season 9 (copy/paste into your aggregator)
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iTunes ONE-CLICK subscription for Season 9
" I am so lucky to have spacemusic. I grew up listening to ambient stuff that my best friend just called "space music" and we just called it that. So years later I just did a search on iTunes for "space music" and found you. If you had named your podcast "Ambient Mix" or something, I still wouldn't know about your show! I love what you do and appreciate the time you put into it. Your last 2 seasons have been the best. I LOVE your New Years shows. I feel like I'm in Rotterdam when I hear the fireworks. Cheers " - Matt St. Onge.