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Season 7 - The Deep -

Season 7 first show was published november 29th 2011 - Triple S. had the honours to be the first artist to start the series. Though Season 7 counts only 10 shows, the quality is something that comes to your attention: only top-level productions and exclusive releases in the playlists!

Featuring artists like Triple S, Jon Hopkins, Al Jewer & Andy Mitran, Patrick O'Hearn, Erik Seifert, Marc Mitchell, David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Bruno Sanfilippo, The Ambient Society, Paul Avgerinos, Solar Fields, Arctubulae, Northcore, Vibrasphere, Steinholz, Sync24 (interview), Erik Wøllo and many more....

During Season 7 something happended in the medical sense.... TC had to take it real easy because of throat/voice problems, followed by deeper physical matters. From one hospital to the other, from echoes to scans, MRI, tests,… unfortunately this medical journey caused delay in the Spacemusic production of shows, we had to keep it within certain parameters, the season ends to a 'limited' 10 episodes only.

The good news: TC is doing much better and is making serious plans for the next Season 8. He surely sends his greetings and MEGA THANKS to all listeners that supported him through a difficult time in 2011-2012....

" When darkness surrounds you all of sudden, love, hate, anger, fear, pain and sadness.... I've seen it all within a very short time. I've been fighting against serious injuries in my body, it has been the most difficult time in my life so far and I would not have survived without the love of my closest friends and families. You rock!

Also I'd like to thank the very supportive listeners of Spacemusic, thank you for your messages and the advises you gave me; tons of e-mail and even audio comments filled with tips and hints and most of all, supporting me. Wow, this is really good to absorb, my beloved Spacemusic audience " ~TC

Final Update: health issues have been resolved for a big part. It's a matter of 'caution' every day, something that will always be.

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" Carbon based Spacemusic… Hi TC, great to hear Carbon Based Music again on your show. Their music is awesome! But also the track by Steen Thottrup & Denver Knoessen had a very special atmosphere indeed. TC, keep up the great work. I really love your show " - Aldert Hoogland, NL.
" Input is output! I love this podcast sooo much! I promise to comment more regularly as I never want to lose my Spacemusic connection. I love the music presented and the way you present it TC. From JG in Australia with love. X" - John Gun, Austrailia.
" Loud and Clear! One day, I'll be on a flight to the moon, and I'll have TC and Spacemusic on my iPod…. Spacemusic in outer space…. Its what I look forward to " Mark McCorkle.
" so many listeners, worldwide, have great respect for your work… there is nothing comparable "out there" ... and I feel so proud to be one of your "executive producers" - just never stop doing this wink - Matthias Kalt, Switzerland.
" a Universe of Sound… great on the mind & body! The music is "out" there on the net, but you put it all in a perfect pod for the listeners. It would take us literally weeks to seek, find & assemble these pods. So thanks for the all the hard work & dedication to the space music scene. BTW I have infected work with & it's growing daily. There is no known cure, once you listen " Ed, unknown.