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Season 2,3,4,5 - Your Guide Into Relaxation -

Season 2 and Season 3 (2006-2008) Free available podcasts, soundseeing tours, Senseo®Sundays, specials, interviews, Fresh Air! Lounge Series and much more. Season 2 also include a couple of charged shows; one hour non-stop ambient/electronic music….for the true Spacemusic ‘Diehards’. Not expensive anyway, only a dollar or two. (update: the paid shows are not available anymore in tersm of 'paid', we've started publishing these specific mixes for free via the regular podcast RSS feed)

Spacemusic goes out for soundseeing tours; Drunense Duinen, Thunderdome, the London Trip. We meet several artists and do interviews. Spacemusic on the road with ‘I Awake’ and ‘Aware’ = an intriguing combination of ambient/soundtrack music and downtempo/chillout. Couple of drinks at the London Rembrandt before going to the sneak preview in the SeOne club where I Awake is about to perform; we meet Krister Linder there as he hands us out his album “Songs from the Silent Years”...

Season 4 starts in november 2008. Unique versions from the archives, new shows, the famous three-hour Global Feed show (!) on New Year's Eve featuring interviews with Off the Sky, I Awake, David Helpling and Jon Jenkins; the return of the Senseo®Sundays, LIVE soundseeing from London, the trip to Brussels for Mylène Farmer LIVE - a unique live concert experience we will never forget - Definately a very exciting year. Hosting wise - Libsyn helped us out to do the Big Move: we have succeeded in melting together two podcast feeds into one. In short: a very moving year to say the least!

Season 5 starts in october 2009. Our brand new Jukebox series takes our listeners on a tour... 50 shows featuring single tracks by very talented (electronica/lounge/soundtrack) musicians. We mention a couple here: Eleon, Peru, Goldlounge, Schiller, Jon Jenkins and David Helpling, Thomas Lemmer, Planet Boelex, Higher Intelligence Agency and many, many more! Coffee Breaks in between to inform you about the weather and other issues.

Right after Christmas we published a 2-hour show called 'Golden!!!' Bringing the best Spacemusic tracks and this unique Lukas Termena non-stop mix. Once again, this season is your guide into relaxation and no-worries. Nearly 20 hours of entertainment: fantastic lounge and electronica this season and much more to come later… in the next Seasons. Bring your Space Suits please!

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" TC, Amazing. i cannot think of a better way to start a new spacemusic cast. All tracks were amazing, and on a busy rush hour underground in centerial london, it was the perfect track to relax to after a hard days work…. 10/10 - well done, and cannot wait for the next one! Take care " - Robin, UK, Earth.
" TC, So happy to hear you are back with my favorite podcasts..SPACEMUSIC LIVES! I am eager to hear the new format and continue to listen to all of my archived spacemusic podcasts of course. I have been listening to the between realities podcast quite a bit lately. Very mellow atmospheres indeed. Keep up the fantastic programming...I will keep listening.Thanks again " - Alan Lauer, Ohio, USA, Earth.
" Have been listening for about a year now. All I can say is ... your music is calm therapy to me. In this out-of-whack world we live in, it's just nice to have a place to go to to forget the madness, and concentrate on the gladness. Will be listening and downloading your programs. God Bless you. " - Jim Kopacsi, Michigan, USA, Earth.
" Love the music. Its just perfect.What can be better than enjoying a cool glass of wine ,listening to your music and looking out of my window at the magnificent autumnal colours.The begining of the start of the winter chill. " - Sleepy Drone, New Castle, UK, Earth.