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Season 8 - The Future is Here -

First show in Season 8: november 11th 2012. Based upon an earlier 'paid' episode (Spacemusic #65) we introduce you to the Non-Stop vibe…. This Season is filled with nothing but the best Ambient Quality music for you to enjoy : Non-Stop. The separated LOG files offer more information about the tracks on a specific episode. The Non-Stop mixes are a result of intense listening, combining tracks in certain moods and keys, only those tunes that really fit… in other words: every single mix is a true magical adventure!

Including a FANTASTIC Oliebollenshow…with comments by listeners and only the best tracks; from ambient to uptempo tracks, the most extreme and good sounding fireworks, intriguing recordings and exclusive details. Happy New Year of course! This is the most happiest transition to the New World ever… You can play this item every day if you like! (Goose Bumps each time)

Lucid Dreams back on the show again! Vol. 5 en Vol.6 are waiting for you… to dream away with us. Also something new is launched… a new series called 'Picturemusic' which is all about those tracks that make you feel 'movie'. Don't we all just love movies and films? Here's your chance to watch the 'unmade movie' with Spacemusic as your director, the 'uncut' versions only. Tracks you might have noticed before and tracks that are really brand new!

The World Première by David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, their 3rd album in the Trilogy is a fact…. tune in for an exclusive interview with David and Jon we had in October 2013, playing music from their album "FOUND" as the first music station in this Universe... Season 8 might be the Key to your Imagination. Non-Stop mixes in the Enhanced Format, so you have chapters you can choose from. Total time in Space app. 20 hours. The LOG files come in MP3 format. Tune in and subscribe for free to this podcast now….

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" Time for a Christmas Gift to TC/… How great it is to have TC and Spacemusic.NL in my life this past year and I know you all feel the same. I'd like to suggest that we remember during this time of giving as the Holidays arrive, we send in a donation or better yet, subscribe and donate monthly to keep this great site alive and well. Sending all of you and especially TC the Warmest of HOLIDAY GREETINGS!!! " - Ron Cosseboom, Arvada, USA.
" I've been Nano'd… Thanks for your hard work. Up early this morning, a little bite to eat, while listening to 8.1 Very Nice, great way to start a day… Cheers! " - Stephen Harris, UK.
" Love IT… TC, Great start to the new season. The remix is perfect and well enjoyed. Looking forward to the new season. Keep warm and keep healthy " - Scott & Linda.
" Superb podcast and interview. So great to have this preview and discussion with David Helpling and Jon Jenkins. Love the interview! Agree this album is one of the most anticipated this year. Thanks TC! " - Old Soldier, unknown.
" Show 8.11 Accelerator: Soothing space chill perfect antidote to record high temps and raging wildfires in Colorado USA. Ahhhh... relax " - Louise Chambers, Denver, USA.