Spacemusic 8.2 The deeper, The star


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Spacemusic 8.2 is dedicated to Pete Namlook and his music over the years.... 

For us Pete has been a big inspiration in so many senses; a pioneer in ambient music, a pioneer in sound design, a pioneer in the way we experience music... translated into his unforgettable albums. 

Please also listen to the 8.2 LOG file: TC tells the story about how he met the music by Namlook; the musical encounter that changed his life, the big inspiration for creating and sharing the Spacemusic podcast with all of you!

This non-stop mix contains beautiful and impressive tracks by great ambient and electronica artists; though dedicated, this show contains mainly other artists’ ambient tracks to show you around in the enormous ambient Universe....there’s so much good stuff available out there; join us on this trip.

We go deep into the starry sky, we find peace and beauty, we find the time to really listen and enjoy tracks by Pete Namlook, Marc Mitchell, Jon Jenkins, Locust, CELL, Nimanty, Connect.Ohm amongst others ...

This is “The deeper, The Star”.
Keep this one at a safe place.

Spacemusic 8.2 The Deeper, The Star


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.2

PETE NAMLOOK {1960-2012} - life ; death (Silence 2)

MARC MITCHELL - souls on board

ERIK SEIFERT - pounamu

OBSERVATION POINT - confounded by admission

LOCUST - xenophobe

LAMMERGEYER - thermal 05 transformation

CELL - audio deepest night


NIMANTY & SOLARSOUL - the starry sky

CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS - held together by gravity

JON JENKINS - a word with the vine

JON JENKINS - blood and water

PETE NAMLOOK {1960-2012} - life ; death (Silence 2)



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