Spacemusic 8.9 Picturemusic 1.


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April 14th 2013 - Spring has arrived! Temperatures in Rotterdam till 22 Celsius and warm Spanish winds... Now look at the previous episode text intro and compare! We’re happy creatures in The Netherlands!

Welcome to a new series we launch here today; music in cinematic style. Picturemusic contains original motion picture soundtrack files or files that could/should have been the theme of a movie.

Part 1: Escape from the Planet

Ramesis B. how did we meet? The typical; way things go... watching a certain clip on Vimeo, music score by this sound magician, check out his Soundcloud for sure... tons of good tracks! The latest album by D.P. Kaufman is something you should not doubt buying for yourself, just go get it, it should never leave your iPods. Same goes for Mark preston, no matter how many times you’ll listen the album Nature and Design, it was designed for repetitive listening….

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