Spacemusic 8.4 Oliebollenshow 2012


Download Audio: M4A

Download Audio: M4A,

The End of the Year podcast by Spacemusic..... the Oliebollenshow 2012 is here! We first started this event during Spacemusic #49 on January 1st 2006 called “ Happy New Music Year “ - the first End of the Year episode by Spacemusic ever released. During the show we played ‘Convalescence’ by Xavier Dang including audio comments by our listeners .... which turned out to become the ‘most wanted’ track and the ‘most discussed’ show in our podcast history! And guess what... the track is simply unavailable/very hard to find at this moment, something we didn’t cause we hope?

January 1st 2007; a Spacemusic Happy New Year video was posted. Still in the feed. Strange codec we used for that one. Everybody’s got to learn...

Tuesday January 1st 2009 : Spacemusic S4.10 GLOBAL FEED, we visited musical friends like I Awake, Jon Jenkins & David Helpling, Off the Sky, an exciting show, once-in-a-lifetime event.

Friday december 31st 2010.... the Oliebollenshow part1-part2-part3 online! Over 3 hours of pure entertainment.... Fireworks almost blew up our place! It’s within the Spacemusic Season 6 RSS feed and in the ‘Best Of’ feed because we think it’s a ‘musthave’ to listen to.

Now, it’s december 31st 2012: a new Oliebollenshow. It comes in two parts and you’re absolutely welcome to download and enjoy this event. It’s about the vibes, good times, music and fireworks...

Tune in for great electronic entertainment from Rotterdam, NL. We do not have any clue how many hours this one took to record.... ENJOY.

We wish you all the best for 2013!!!
Happy New Year.

Spacemusic 8.4 Oliebollenshow 2012 [part 1.]

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