Spacemusic 8.14 Chemical Reactions


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August 29th 2013 - show 8.14 is an intense mix of ambient and electronica from this planet and beyond. Sometimes our blue planet is getting too small and too scary. As a reaction, this show is a ticket to a place where you can feel safe and relaxed. Enjoy!

Let’s start slowly... with Shane Morris and Mystified; the track is called ‘a struggling new form of life’. Not only do we like this title so much, it sets the theme for this mix like no other track could do. Superb!

Arriving september 10th but already on our show.... the brand new album by Darshan Ambient! First you hear ‘Fields’, later in this mix the title track of the album called ‘Little Things’. The album? Not little at all Winking

Back from the silence.... it’s Planet Boelex! As soon as you hear the sounds you will recognize the typical Boelex approach; two tracks back to back, a collaboration between Boelex/Mosaik and a track by Boelex himself. Also check the 8.14 LOG file for more info about this brand new EP release. It really seems like yesterday we played the first track by PB on our show.... remember Swamp Gas back in 2005?....

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