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April 30th 2013 - we have a new King! After 33 years Queen Beatrix (1938) is now... King Willem-Alexander (1967) and Máxima (1971) of course as his Queen.

Reason enough for us to play some tracks on this very special day today and welcome you to an Orange-tinted country. To celebrate the past and future: it’s the Final Queensday in The Netherlands.

“Lieve Moeder...” words by Willem-Alexander to thank Beatrix, his mother, is followed by a remarkable track performed by Krister Linder. There’s only one way to experience this song: play it loud! So many tones and details, so much beauty can be heard and the voice of the heart comes from Krister. Superbe!

Sonne, ist das neue Schiller album. Guten Abend! After watching the Bluray we just wanted to treat you with at least two tracks; Revelation and Berlin/Moskau can be found on the latest album ‘Sonne’. You can buy the release in many variations, from deluxe till super-deluxe. The typical Schiller style, just very spacey, great sounding and perfectly mixed. We have one suggestion though: Schiller should pay more attention to his live performances in the sense of keeping those acts more compact, more to-the-point and having a tempting climax, all within 90 minutes. Possible? Just a thought.

The F.D. Project plays ‘The Outro’ and has the old-style sound and vibes, never boring, always pleasant to listen to.

We found the release from a couple of years ago ; ‘Song for the Phoenix’ by System 7, the band based around Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy; they started in the 90’s with their typical sound-baths as we call them... tons of sounds, tons of patterns, delays, hypnotic ingredients and .. fat and pumping bases! The ‘Phoenix’ track is one you will never hear on the radio, read our lips. Therefore we wanted to give you this hint so you can enjoy their album ‘Phoenix’ as we do.

East of France, Mulhouse, the Hypnotique LIVE sessions part 4. Released via - in one word: brilliant LIVE stuff! So very well mixed and mastered; SCANN-TEC delivers an outstanding piece of art, the sounds of man (Vladislav) and his machinery (too much to mention). Go get this one today!

We’re completey lost in time now... listening to Asheni you simply have to admit: life sucks sometimes. Or is it good to know the pain, then to understand Quality Time even better? You decide. Asheni’s voice is fabulous. She (from Spain?) can be found on the iTunes Store to keep things simple.

Like it was meant to be... Krister comes back again, his track ‘Ghostfriend’ sounds like an answer to the ‘Lost in Time’ track. Enjoy this flow... The track comes from the album ‘Songs from the Silent Years’ which we got from Krister personally when we visited London back in 2006, we had a meeting, small chat, hands and this CD, just before a LIVE gig. Thank you Krister! We’re still proud of your music.

We’d like to thank our supporters, our donators, our executive producers. Wanna join the team? Please feel free to support the Spacemusic podcast. Thanks to you this show is possible: a single dollar by every listeners would even guarantee this show can stay online for the next 5 years.

Spacemusic 8.10 Orang-Orange


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.10 Orang-Orange

WILLEM-ALEXANDER - Lieve Moeder...

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SCHILLER - Revelation
buy the album Sonne on iTunes here

buy the album Life Goes On via iTunes here
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SCHILLER - Berlin / Moskau
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F.D. PROJECT - The Outro
buy the album ‘The Journey to Another Place’ from Syngate here

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SYSTEM 7 - Song for the Phoenix
buy the album Phoenix on iTunes Store here

SCANN-TEC - Esther (LIVE edit) *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album ‘Morpheus - LIVE Nuit Hypnotique 4’ for €5 or more

SCANN-TEC - White Sun (LIVE edit) *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album ‘Morpheus - LIVE Nuit Hypnotique 4’ for €5 or more

ASHENI - Lost in Time
buy the track ‘Lost in Time’ here

KRISTER LINDER - Ghostfriend
download the album ‘Songs from the Silent Years’ for FREE HERE


D.P. KAUFMAN - You Smile With a Quiet Defiance
buy the album ‘Lullabies for the Apocalypse’ here



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