Spacemusic 8.12 Key to Imagination


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June 22nd 2013 - the key to your imagination... this episode shows you where to find it. Perhaps you’ll find it easy, perhaps not. Try and think about nothing, just listen to the wonderful music in this mix.

Astropilot starts the engines... very spacey atmospheres by the guy from Siberia who has been active in the music scene since 2000. Unique way of music production and presentation.

Carbon Based Lifeforms has made many albums; time to grab one from 10 years ago... the Hydroponic Garden is one big space adventure for sure! Listen to the title track by these two sound wise men from Göteborg, Sweden. By now you should see the Earth pretty good from here....

On the timeline: Solar Quest, the album ‘Orgship’ from 1995. Wait a minute... that is 18 years ago friends of Spacemusic! Do you remember the time? I told you we were going to blow you away this show...

The Air, the Light and the City by Sternenspringer, the latest release by Lorenzo Montanà, the wonderful spacemusic by Nimanty (there’s a full HD video available on YouTube) and last but not least the Light Of Aluna by Anima... you’re not dreaming, this is real! This is called Spacemusic and we’d like to thank you for flying with us.

Enjoy this mix at least twice...

Spacemusic 8.12 Keys to Imagination


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.12 Key to Imagination

ASTROPILOT - Abyss (beta version)  *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album Starwalk on iTunes here

buy the album Hydroponic Garden on iTunes here

SOLAR QUEST - The Open Path
buy the album Orgship on iTunes here

ASTROPILOT - In the Middle (MIKTEK remix)  *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album Starwalk on iTunes here

STERNENSPRINGER - the Air, the Light and the City
visit the Sternenspringer site here

buy the album Eilatix on Bandcamp here

NIMANTY - Calabi Yau U4  *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the Calabi Yau U4 EP on iTunes here

ANIMA - Inner Light
buy the album Light of Aluna on iTunes here



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