Spacemusic 8.13 Hear and Wow!


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July 25th 2013 - Listen.... hear and wow! Fantastic to post a new show in the middle of summer! No summer break this season; here’s a very cool episode filled with the best electronica for your hot summer nights...

The track Dreams by Astronaut Ape is coming from the brand new Microcosmos Records release called ‘Ten Minutes Eternity’. File this one under Cinematic Ambient or Soundtrack Electronica if you will....

We are in the World of Sleepers now... Carbon Based Lifeforms still amazes every time I listen to the album; pretty unique release with sweet melodic ambient tracks that one will never forget. And then... iWorld 2.0 by Astronaut Ape. Wow....! Speaking of perfect combinations sound wise: this track says it all, the beats, the synths, the claps, the echoes, the bassline; sweet and melodic so we can drift away further and further into deeper space now...

On the train from Berlin to Rotterdam I was listening to older Ultimae releases when this one was on my headphones; James Murray’s album ‘When Edges Meet’ is one of those albums making you feel funny in the head... after listening to couple of tracks back to back, you’ll feel pretty disoriented in a positive sense: this is pure ambient adventure! Satisfaction guaranteed.

May God have Mercy on his Sounds and Soul... the Labyrinth series by the late Pete Namlook ft. Lorenzo Montanà. Probably the best Namlook series in our collection... These two souls have worked out an intense chemistry between their musical styles.... Where beauty meets percussion is exactly where Namlook met Montanà. This release should be in every person’s collection!

Nice and easy we flow into the final part of this journey... Meg Bowles album ‘The Shimmering Land’ is a beautiful place, where we can sit, walk and think about what we’ve seen so far, what plans we have for the future, it’s like walking on ‘The Isle of Dream’ and that is exactly the title of this track in the mix...

Divine Emanation is the logical conclusion for Spacemusic 8.13.... hear and wow! Anima delivers a divine album called ‘Light of Aluna’. Words are not necessary, just listen to this final track (excerpt) and you’ll be ready for a great night of sleep or a big day to be alive and enjoy!

Spacemusic 8.13 Hear and Wow!


Buy the album ‘Ten Minutes Eternity’ here

Buy the album ‘Wold of Sleepers’ here

ASTRONAUT APE - iWorld 2.0
Buy the album ‘Ten Minutes Eternity’ here

JAMES MURRAY - Color Has It’s Own Language  *** MUSTHAVE ***
Buy the album ‘Where Edges Meet’ here

JAMES MURRAY - Awayward  *** MUSTHAVE ***
Buy the album ‘Where Edges Meet’ here

PETE NAMLOOK ft. LORENZO MONTANÀ - Labyrinth part I.  *** MUSTHAVE ***
Buy the album ‘Labyrinth’ on iTunes here

MEG BOWLES - Nightwalk Across The Isle of Dream
Buy the album ‘The Shimmering Land’ on iTunes here

ANIMA - Divine Emanation
Buy the album ‘Light of Aluna’ on iTunes here




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