Spacemusic 8.15 Lucid Dreams Vol.6


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Chances are that you do not recall dreams (REM-sleep) that often. Perhaps you even wonder how to dream. Well actually, we dream each and every night of our life independently of whether we recall dreams the following morning.

Dreams are full sensory experiences in which we experience a dream reality so immersive that in most cases it is indistinguishable from waking reality. In dreams we embody all of our dream senses in the same way as we do in waking life: we can see, feel, hear, taste and even smell in dreams.

Now imagine the possibility to attain dream awareness while you are still in the dream. Imagine how this awareness would allow you to direct the dream to your every desire. Imagine the boundless opportunities to acquire awesome extra-ordinary experiences. Say hello to lucid dreaming. Say hello to the extraordinary and most wanted Spacemusic Lucid Dreams series...

WARNING: Do Not Play this episode while driving your car! Enjoy this mix at home or in situations where you don’t need to stay alert.

Enjoy ~TC

Spacemusic 8.15 Lucid Dreams Vol.6


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.15 Lucid Dreams 6.

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