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There’s 3 pieces on my desk...

The long awaited conclusion comes to us: FOUND is the new album by David Helpling and Jon Jenkins; after Treasure (2008) and The Crossing (2010) this new release is the dramatic final chapter.

Today on the Spacemusic Podcast: the World Première. We play music from the new album and we talk with Jon and David about their adventures, the production of the album, the concept, all the great things we can hear on the record... and more.

This show comes in the enhanced format (AAC) including chapter markers and is posted to the Spacemusic feed. There’s the MP3 available as well for direct download. Enjoy this fantastic november 1st event !

For ordering the album (+ posters, t-shirts) : please visit

Spacemusic 8.17 FOUND [WP]


Spacemusic 8.17 |  The World Première of FOUND

There’s 3 pieces on my desk...

Welcomne Jon and David!

Incredible Audio Quality

Sun Racer / percussion and drums on the album

The Trilogy


Only Ashes / the turning point...

Through Tears / a creative day in the studio

FOUND / Miriam Stockley / how everything comes together

LIVE performances... some thoughts Happy

For the Ages / the sound of a new beginning ?

Hello, how are you ?

The Artwork by Michal Karcz

Release date / purchase FOUND

Big Thanks for being here...!!!

Go and visit for (pre)ordering the album / info



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