Spacemusic 8.18 Time Capsule


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Show for november 12th 2013, also written as 11-12-13. We’ve pushed this mix to very high levels.... tracks performed by Circular, James Murray, Astropilot, Halcyon Hall, BatterDead, Nightech, Massergy and Rocket Empire.

We’d like to thank all listeners for their support; Season 8 has been a wonderful experience and we’ve adopted many new artists over the past year. The quality of the music has been amazing, the joy of processing those magical mixes really is a blessing!

Next steps:

The time has come to start building a new platform; new runway, new dock, new radar system, new firewalls and more. Watch this space for updates about the new, probably to be released at the end of this year. Till that time, ALL feeds will stay online/active offering you all shows and music.

If you experience troubles receiving us, send us an e-mail right away. Enjoy your flight, see you on the other side!

~ Spacemusic Team

Spacemusic 8.18 Time Capsule


Spacemusic 8.18 (T)ime (C)apsule

CIRCULAR - little girls eat chocolate  *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album Substans from Ultimae here

JAMES MURRAY - outside contect solution
buy the album Where Edges Meet from Ultimae here

ROCKET EMPIRE - cruising the galaxy  *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album See Me Speak In Color from OM-Records here

ASTROPILOT - God’s channel
Buy from iTunes here

HALCYON HALL - last transport
download from Soundcloud here

HALCYON HALL - missing all targets
download from Soundcloud here

CIRCULAR - nothing but dead landscape
buy the album Substans from Ultimae here

BATTERYDEAD - mitternacht  *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album Shades from Syngate here

NIGHTECH - for William
watch the video on YouTube here

MASSERGY - smote the grey sea
listen to this track on Soundcloud here

BATTERYDEAD - liquid light
buy the album Shades from Syngate here

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! | See you next Season



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