Spacemusic 8.3 Candles in Space


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It’s here... XMAS 2012 - Hope you’re having a wonderful time, wherever you are on this planet. It’s time for the christmas special of the year... bringing you the best selection of ambient-downtempo-electronic style music.

This episode you’ll be blown away! Wonderful tracks that really make a difference... from our hearts to yours... it’s the Christmas edition of the Spacemusic podcast and we’d like to invite you to comment:

Wherw are you? How’s your Christmas? What kind of tree is there with you with what kind of lights... ? What songs do you hear?... Respond and record + send your audio comment to us. You can send it to or call the Spacemusic Voicemail in New York City (+1) (718) 717 20 45.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your moods in 2012. Just before the Big Change.

Spacemusic 8.3 Do Candles Burn in Space ?


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.3 “Do Candles Burn in Space ?”

BRIAN ENO - lux (part 2 ; excerpt) (LUX)

NIMANTY - etanee (Etanee)

NORTHCORE - min ros (Desatero)

DJ ORION & J. SHORE - architect’s dream (Brotherhood)

ERIK SEIFERT - driftin home (Trip to Nebula)

ANAWATY & RUSSELL - on the beach (Analog Universe)

BEN JORDAN - these solemn stars (Pale Blue Dot)

ANAWATY & RUSSELL - a space in time (Analog Universe)

BEN JORDAN - living earth (Pale Blue Dot)

SYNC24 - source (Source)

LOSCIL - lake orchard (Endless Falls)

JON JENKINS & DAVID HELPLING - not a sould, not a sound (Treasure)

RADIO FREE CLEAR LIGHT - the chamber of stone (Ohgel)

CONNECT OHM - gentle perception (9980)



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