Spacemusic 8.6 Under the Stars


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February 10th 2013 - ‘Under the Stars’ takes you out for a magnificent in-space cinematic experience... music that came to us via e-mail, via postal, fresh new releases, items never to be forgotten anymore.

First of all David Leckenby plays this dreamy and groovy track called ‘Home’; this one really kicks off the starry night you can expect this episode.

The Kahvi label dropped a song in the box that we can’t stop playing here in Rotterdam... ‘When the Sun meets the Moon’ by 4T Thieves is not only a fantastic space track, it’s a song that should be on your iPod forever! Feel the groove, hear the unique chords, enjoy the magical sounds that Nik included in this track and follow the link in the shownotes to download it for free.

The new Syngate release ‘Sparkling’ is a fact! TM Solver delivers a very modern piece of work, typical sequencial moods combined with super smooth synth leads... high production level, a personal and unique style of music that makes your day. Very cool!

What can we say about the next move... from Paris to Tokyo, this is probably the best electronic/downtempo record made in 2012. Meet the guys from Connect.Ohm and their release ‘9980’. Indeed they come from France and Japan. They succeeded to create an album via the web. ‘9980’ makes you silent, this one goes deep, is it a dream or is it reality? It is an Ultimae./com release for sure: should be heard on the biggest PA/HiFi speaker set you can imagine. Let it all happen from there...

Winter time in Rotterdam, good reason for some coolin’ down now with Darshan Ambient, his record ‘Falling Light’ is a true blessing; peaceful tunes during today’s show under the stars...

Time for the next chapter as Michael Brückner demonstrates the art of composing with the album ‘100 Million Miles Under The Stars’. Escape from the world... yes, take a few moments to absorb everything shown to you. Michael has it all under control, his synths, his thoughts, your thoughts, your moods, let this track surprise you!

The Ouddorp takes continue.... we just love the album! Erren, Fleissig, Schottler and Steffen back on Spacemusic again. Especially the fact that this record was recorded in one take: Amazing! Impressive! Good food!

Thanks to a tweet last week by Robert from Brisbane in Australia, we conclude this starry night with a special piece you might already know. We introduced our fleet to this song 7 years ago. Robert found this one really his favorite as the closing track of show #54 back in Spacemusic Season 1. Do you have any idea which track we play?... Send us your answer via e-mail and win a free cd!

Spacemusic 8.6 Under the Stars


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.6 “Under the Stars”

See the video on Vimeo here

4T THIEVES - When the Sun meets the Moon
download the album ‘Terraform’ here

buy the album ‘Sparkling’ here

[16:35]   *** MUSTHAVE ***
CONNECT.OHM - Evolution 1:1
buy the album ‘9980’ from here

buy the album ‘9980’ from here

DARSHAN AMBIENT - To look at in Winter
buy the album ‘Falling Light’ from Spotted Peccary here

DARSHAN AMBIENT - Water for Horses
buy the album ‘Falling Light’ from Spotted Peccary here

MICHAEL BRÜCKNER - 100 Million Miles under the Stars
buy the album from Syngate here

buy the album “Ouddorp Takes” via Syngate
buy the album “Ouddorp Takes” via Cue Records here

MYSTERY TRACK .... if you happen to know the song you can send us an
e-mail and let us know. The winner will be announced next LOG file !




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