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April 14th 2013 - Spring has arrived! Temperatures in Rotterdam till 22 Celsius and warm Spanish winds... Now look at the previous episode text intro and compare! We’re happy creatures in The Netherlands!

Welcome to a new series we launch here today; music in cinematic style. Picturemusic contains original motion picture soundtrack files or files that could/should have been the theme of a movie.

Part 1: Escape from the Planet

Ramesis B. how did we meet? The typical; way things go... watching a certain clip on Vimeo, music score by this sound magician, check out his Soundcloud for sure... tons of good tracks! The latest album by D.P. Kaufman is something you should not doubt buying for yourself, just go get it, it should never leave your iPods. Same goes for Mark preston, no matter how many times you’ll listen the album Nature and Design, it was designed for repetitive listening!

Music for Film and The Munich Sessions by Mike Beever. Mike moves us every time again, we just guarantee that his name will grow and glow during the end titles at a place near you...

The music by Edward Shearmur enriches today’s show with simply terrific tones ... It is this track that triggered us creating the new Spacemusic Picturemusic series in the first place. Edward knows how to tell a story; we haven’t even seen the movie Mother and Child .... can you imagine?

The Machinarium game soundtrack on Spacemusic. Couldn’t resist! Just play the game, hear the music. Followed by Saycet, longtime listeners know about this French guy via our show, one of the best artists in the electronica genre, creating a style that moves and intrigues.

Via the Softphase netlabel comes the COAX album, a Norwegian musician, bringing us beautiful melodies packed in an emotional journey including twists and side tracks... Download the album for free via please.

If you’ve not seen Code 46 yet.... go and see it. It’s a direct order from us! Words can not describe this 2003 film, directed by Michael Winterbottom, featuring Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton, it’s a love story in which the romance is doomed by genetic incompatibility. The music by the Free Association has too many ingredients for us to describe here. You should just go and experience Code 46.

Of course we visit Solaris, what else? The one and only Clooney meeting this person in the space research station.... and we’re invited for coffee! Wonderful. Certainly one of Cliff’s best soundtracks ever and very s p a c e m u s i c.

The final for today’s episode; couldn’t choose between the last two tracks so you get them both to absorb.... The Ninth Gate and Inception. Certainly movies that are able to change the way you see reality Winking Wojciech Kilar, born in 1932, a composition you’ll never ever forget anymore, the end titles for The Ninth Gate. Vocalise has the supernatural ovetones.

We listen to Hans Zimmer since 1990, the movie Inception is a sticky one, the world upside-down, the music inside-out. Play it on your best speakers, pump up the sub.

Spacemusic 8.9 Picturemusic part 1 [ escape from the planet ]


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.9 Picturemusic

Part 1: Escape from the Planet

RAMESES B. - Memoirs (Cinematic Version)
visit the Rameses B. Soundcloud here

D.P. KAUFMAN - This Was Never Our Mountain *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album Lullabies for the Apocalypse here

MARK PRESTON - Changing Colors
buy the album Nature and Design here

MIKE BEEVER - The Munich Sessions pt.3
listen to the album on Bandcamp here

MIKE BEEVER - Atmospherics Trilogy: Sadness
buy the album Music for Film Vol.3 here

EDWARD SHEAMUR - Elizabeth [Mother and Child OST]
buy the album Mother and Child OST here

TOMAS DVORAK - The Castle [Machinarium Soundtrack]
buy the album Machinarium here

TOMAS DVORAK - The Glasshouse with Butterfly [Machinarium Soundtrack]
buy the album Machinarium here

SAYCET - Dreams in Tokyo
buy the album One Day At Home here

COAX - Space Lounge
download the album From the Endless Auburn here

THE FREE ASSOCIATION - Dreaming on a Train [Code 46 OST]
buy the album Code 46 here

THE FREE ASSOCIATION - Apathy Drug {code 46 OST]
buy the album Code 46 here

D.P. KAUFMAN - Where The Storm Will Never Reach *** MUSTHAVE ***
buy the album Lullabies for the Apocalypse here

CLIFF MARTINEZ - First Sleep [Solaris OST]
buy the album Solaris here

CLIFF MARTINEZ - Will She Come Back? [Solaris OST]
buy the album Solaris here

WOJCIECH KILAR - Vocalise, The from The Ninth Gate
buy the album The Ninth Gate here

HANS ZIMMER - Time [Inception OST]
buy the album Inception here

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