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June 4th 2013 - Time to go deep this episode...... meltwater, icecap, space sheep and false dawn. Just a couple of titles of tracks you will hear this episode. After our party-weekend (Celebration of the new Fresh Air! formula via Mixcloud) this is a very welcome after-party mix.

The opening came to us via e-mail; JEFX makes music of all kinds, we sure do like this ambient piece! Followed by the brand new album release on Ultimae records, the new MIKTEK album called ‘Elsewhere’ is a true sweet ambient release; perfect for livingroom and bedroom.We play three tracks, you find the markers...

Time for great music from Germany with Erik Seifert, music we should play more often I think... it’s adventurous and well produced, certainly tracks that tell a story and have this typical classic electronic sound we grew up with. Two tracks from two different albums, you’love the pieces and your neighbours as well.

‘Your Personal Sun’ by ASTRONAUT APE... what can we say?.... brilliant piece! Play it loud. It’s the album released on Microcosmos Records, one we’ve played more before because it’s good, very good stuff. The ‘Borderline’ track by AES DANA gives that lovely deep feeling, mixed with steady beat, fancy percussion and wide reverb.... just awesome in every situation.

Special delivery; please meet Halcyon Hall, coming from Petersburg (Russia) this is Dennis D. explaining to us what electronic music really means.... I literally fell of my chair. This is a true treasure for your ears, body and soul. And you know what? The album is a free download on Soundcloud. When we asked him why he has done this he told us: “ it’s the first meet and greet with the audience, I like to offer them a free gift to introduce myself...” Go, go , go for it people! We @ spacemusic look forward to the next album by Halcyon Hall - No matter how much it will cost us...

Final track by TMA ft. Martinson, a Syngate Release (Luna) We’re back now, comfortable, simply beautiful track ‘Before Midnight’, like a soundseeingtour and a trigger to play the whole mix again from start....! Feel free.

Spacemusic 8.11 Accelerator


Welcome to Spacemusic 8.11 Accelerator

BIOSPHERE - Meltwater
Buy the album Polar Sequences on iTunes here

JEFX - Icecap
Buy the single Icecap on iTunes here

MIKTEK - Nascency *** MUSTHAVE ***
Buy the album Elsewhere on Bandcamp here

MIKTEK - False Dawn
Buy the album Elsewhere on Bandcamp here

MIKTEK - Ominous Ride
Buy the album Elsewhere on Bandcamp here

Buy the album ‘Core’ on iTunes here

Buy the album ‘Aotearoa’ on iTunes here

ASTRONAUT APE - Your Personal Sun
Buy the album Cahaya Dari Jiva here

AES DANA - Borderline
Buy the album Pollen on Ultimae here
Buy the album Pollen on iTunes here
Buy the album Pollen on Bandcamp here

HALCYON HALL - Space Sheep
Download Unmelt 2011 on Soundcloud here (FREE!)

TMA ft. MARTINSON - Before Midnight
Buy the album RAL5002 on Syngate here



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