Spacemusic 7.10 White Clouds


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From 40,000 feet high...

The final show for Season 7 and ... it's a great one!!! Please tune in for some excellent tracks, perfect electronica and chilled stuff.

Yes, we're back from the far East Winking It’s remarkable what things you love and don’t love about your home place. Hint: listen to the little soundseeing part during this show. Being back home in Rotterdam after a well deserved 40C/104F in Egypt feels different... (colder?) The machines are up and running, today we wave goodbye Season 7 and will prepare for Season 8 later this year. 

Big Thanks to our (co)executive producers for this show:
Ronald Cosseboom, Matthias Kalt and Stephan Harris. 

We’re looking for artwork: stunning background images to use on our main site, if you create graphic art and would like to share your 2560x1440 pieces with the planet, please do send your stuff to our gmail account. We can link back to your site if you wish and publish your name as well. Prefer being anonymous? No probs. We can do that as well Winking

Local weather (Rotterdam, NL) 
temp 16C
humidity 70%
in the morning!
Studio (Rotterdam, NL)
temp 23.3C
humidity 50%
lovely to be here again... 

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