Spacemusic 9.1 Gravity


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Show for december 9th 2013

At the End of the Horizon, something New is waiting... here we go! Join us for a new Season of Spacemusic, thé best ambient & electronic music available out there. Carefully selected tracks, mixed into a nonstop®mix, converted to the enhanced audio format for your listening experience! Shownotes available within the file itself (tagged) and via the (brand new) website. If you have questions about tracks/artists, just ask!

Artists: Dimmat, Radio Free Clear Light (RFCL), DeeperNET, BATTERYDEAD, Circular, Der Waldläufer, David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Apha Wave Moment, Within Reason.

Note: subscribe to Spacemusic Season 9 for downloading both the LOG file and NonStopMix.

Spacemusic 9.1 Gravity

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